Berliner Bock


The Berliner Bock comes with an unique 'second floor':


The integrated shelf makes the table a functional place to work. Important things can be placed within reach; so more space is available on the table surface. .


Each body part of the trestle fulfills a particular function: The leg position provides leg space for the user; the back carries the Linoleum coated table top, 'neck' and 'head' hold the useful shelf.


Design: studio michael hilgers für Sudbrock / designelements









twofold is a compact floating shelf that can be transformed into a space-saving temporary desk with just one touch.


This multifunctional solution works completely without fittings (eg hinges, flap holders, snaps, etc.).


Material: Multiplex



Design: studio michael hilgers for Müller Möbelwerkstätten




flatmate by


saw is a minimalist space-saving storage for hallway, bathroom etc.


The movable mirror serves as a sliding door and rolls like a saw blade through a massive oak plank.



Design: studio michael hilgers for Sudbrock / designelements 







space saving desk-solution for room corners:


This compact working station transforms fallow spaces into useful living areas.


Designed in Berlin, Made in Bavaria







flatframe is an extremely flat wallmounted desk.



- Linoleum working surface

- iPad / smartphone- holder

- Multiplex plywood

- integrated Euro-sockets

- picture frame-front

Awards: 2013 Interior Innovation Award / Winner


Manufacturer: Müller belwerkstätten


flatmate by


flatmate provides a full working desk platform as well as storage all with 0.09 qm.


It's slim depth and low profile exterior allows you to utilize hallways, flats, bedrooms and other areas as additional workspace.


Awards: 2013 Interior Innovation Award / Best of Best


The Original.


Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten




Steig by


steig (German word for "climb") is a minimalistic bookshelf which reminds us of an archetypic ladder.


It's height is more than 2.5 m; So you actually have to climb the steps to reach for books which are placed on the top boards... 






An office in a box...


In dieser kompakten Box versteckt sich ein komplettes Homeoffice. Die Montagehöhe ist variabel; So lässt sich flatbox z.B. auch als zusätzlicher rückenfreundlicher Steharbeitsplatz nutzen


Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten




alTar is a shrine for modern treasures.


With a depth of only 50mm it gives our beloved mobile devices as iPad, mobile phone and laptop a place to rest.


Integrated hidden space for sockets and chargers


for rephorm




The walking office...


HIDEsk offers new options of working in small spaces: This pop-up office can change a bedroom within seconds into a small but functional working space.


The powdercoated metal back hides cables and chargers and can be individualised with flexible aluminium shelves.



for Müller Möbelwerkstätten







The compact hybrid duotable is a solution especially for cramped living conditions:


This table for 4 persons can be transformed into a functional homeoffice by simply flipping a table half.


The flipped surface turns into a rack for the Tablet PC or into a memoboard and simultaneously gives access to a storage compartment for pens, office supplies etc. Power cords and chargers can be hidden without the typical tangle; Cables and plugs can be passed through the table leg.


Winner Interior Innovation Award 2015